Morio at the Olympics

Our friend Morio Parker has traveled the world and is Our Man in Rio to give us a real look at what’s going on in along with the Games. He took a 15 flight from Southern California, arriving in Rio at 8 in the morning. Morio is a “Foodie,” and so he ate his way across town by way of the local food carts. “I walked around downtown Rio to stay awake. I bought three types of food from a street vendor that looked really good and was delicious!”


In the evening, he went to a Brazilian classical concert at the Sala Cecilia Meireles theater to see a performance by Maria Teresa Madeira on the piano and Pedro Amorim, a well-known musician that plays a instrument called Bandolim. A bandolim is in the lute family of instruments like a mandolim and is usually plucked with a pick. It was brought to Brazil by the Portuguese. Here is video from Morio.