MORIO in Rio Day Five: TENNIS!!!

Morio has been concerned since he planned his trip months ago, that he might not get to see Tennis! After all, he is a teaching pro and still wins tournaments to this day. He is insane fantastic as both player and coach. I am one of his students, and I proudly tell people that he changed my game. I have trophies to prove it! This is a big day, as Morio is determined to see some Olympics tennis!

Here’s what he says about today.

I tried to purchase tickets online for the final of men’s tennis and men’s basketball for 6 months but it’s sold out. The Brazilian people had the opportunity to purchase tickets a year in advance. I decided to go to the stadium early in the morning and buy a ticket from a scalper. The Tennis final started at 12:00 PM. First I went to the ticket office and waited in line for 20 minutes to see if anyone cancelled or turned their tickets in. No luck tennis is sold out. I go online on my phone to see if any tickets are available. No luck tennis is sold out. I approached 11 scalpers to see if they had tickets for tennis. No luck tennis is sold out. There are several people wanting to buy tennis ticket. They are holding signs they want tennis ticket. Every scalper said, the tennis and basketball tickets are in high demand. I went back to the ticket office and waited in line again, while I’m waiting I checked online again. No luck tennis is sold out. Now I’ve been trying to purchase a ticket for 2 1/2 hours. No luck tennis is sold out. I know on TV the seats are half empty.

I met a scalper the very first night when I arrived at the stadium. He was trying to sell me a ticket for the swimming. I said, no I need a ticket for tennis final. No luck tennis is sold out. However, he gave me his phone number and told me to call him on the day of the tennis final.


One last attempt after trying for 2 1/2 hours, I called him. Lady Luck was watching over me. He said, he has a ticket except he is at different stadium that is one hour away. However, his partner is inside the stadium with a ticket. I can’t go inside so he came out. I know you might be thinking the ticket could be counterfeit or bogus ticket. On the scalper suggestion we exchange the money and the ticket while we’re waiting in line to get in. EUREKA!!! I’m in.

Morio had a really good seat too. He is court side and shows us the final rally between Andy Murray and Juan Martin del Potro.


Morio also saw the mixed doubles final. The Gold goes to the Americans Bethany Mattek-Sands and Jack Sock.

Here is a view of other stadiums from the tennis stadium.