Morio in Rio Day Six

Morio spent this day checking out the sights away from the Olympic Games.


Morio shows the Olympic torch outside, in the Olympic Park in the harbor area. He expected it to be in the big stadium.


“When the wind blows, that’s when the metal objects move.

It’s really pretty at night because the fire reflects on the metal objects.”

Morio is an adventurer.


“I decided to do a excursion to Angra dos Reas. It’s a tour to 3 different islands on a schooner. It was just ok, not impressed. I decided to snorkel and the water was so cold and not very clear. I only stayed in for 5 minutes. However, I enjoyed the musicians. Met some Brazilians and Puerto Ricans. They were all nice and they know how to enjoy themselves with drinking and dancing. Of course I joined in for the dancing.