Morio in Rio, Journal Day Two

In Morio’s own words.

I started my second day in Rio going to the wrong Olympic stadium. I know it’s funny and I’m not making excuses, but the ticket was in Portuguese. The volunteer that didn’t speak English told me in Portuguese and tried to explain to me to go to the transportation center and he pointed to the direction. I reached the transportation center and there were buses, train and subway. I do not know which one to take. I probably looked like a chicken with its head cut off not going where to go. A young man in his mid 20’s approached me and asked me something in Portuguese. I said I speak English, and luckily so did he.  I told him I went to the wrong stadium and I need to go to the Barra de Tijuca stadium. Come to find out, I was one hour ride away, first on the subway and then by bus. Fortunately, he was nice enough to take me to the right subway and all the way to the stadium. Then he went home an hour in the other direction. This is an example of a Brazilian person being helpful to a stranger.


I’m standing in front of the Olympic rings and I want to take a picture of me with the Olympic Rings. I saw a woman all dressed up in USA colors. We did each other the favor of taking each other’s picture. To my surprise this woman dressed up in all USA is not American and can’t speak English very well. She is a Brazilian that loves America. It is her dream to go to America. She is an attorney and she came to support the American athletes not the Brazilian athletes.

And boy, did the Americans put on a show. The US team ruled the floor.


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