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           Diann provides the kind of personal career grooming that can help your client or employee climb the ladder with confidence. She is a guest lecturer, with experience running lab sessions at the high schoo and college levels, including Columbia College and Medill at Northwestern. She manages the careers of on air talent in small to medium markets, working with them on story construction, selling their stories developing sweeps ideas and negotiating the newsroom. Her extensive experience helps talent take giant steps in a short time, avoiding some pitfalls along the way, yet learning how to handle the hurdles. Diann has walked in their shoes of reporters at every level and her clients stand out on the screen and make a difference in the newsroom.

            Throughout her career, Diann has mentored young journalists and enjoyed speaking at high schools and universities, encouraging students to pursue a career in journalism, rather print or broadcast.  She began her career in print, switched to television. With a background in musical theater, Diann is still connected to Hollywood, providing public service announcements, appearances and voice overs for documentary and feature films, including Primal Fear, Negotiator, Richie Rich and the Starz TV series, BOSS. She plays a judge in a documentary due out in early 2018 called, “Every 21 Seconds.” Diann has also been as guest instructor, offering laboratory seminars on reporting, ethics, the intangibles to students in high schools and on the college level, including Northwestern University, Columbia College and and Cleveland State University.

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Awards and Accomplishments
Emmy Award: National Academy of Arts and Sciences. Blue Line Emergency
News and Documentary 2007
Emmy Award: Reporter. Northern Illinois University shootings Spot coverage and breaking news 2007-08
Emmy Award: Reporter. Blue Line Emergency Spot coverage and breaking news 2006-07
Emmy Award: Host. Chicago Marathon. Sports Programs 2005-06; 2004-05; 2003-04
Silver Dome Award: Illinois Broadcasters Association Best News Anchor 2005
Emmy Award: Anchor. 2003-04
Emmy Award: Reporter. Utica Tornado News Specials 2003-04
Emmy Award: Reporter. 9-11-02 The New Homeland News Specials 2002-03
National Association of Black Journalists. Sports Reporting. Hoops Too Soon: Players Left Behind 2006
First African American woman to anchor weekdays on ABC in Chicago
100 most influential women: Crain’s Chicago Business
Hall of Fame: Today’s Chicago Woman
Impact on Youth: Honored By 100 Black Men, a youth mentoring organization
Viewer favorite: The Chicago Sun Times reader survey.
Favorite Co-Anchor: Chicago Magazine



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